Frequently Asked Questions



Who is the Feld Group Institute?

Founded by legendary CIO Charlie Feld, the Feld Group Institute is a group of leaders who have led “Digital Transformation” in many companies across many industries. We’ve led technology transformations for decades in companies like Frito-Lay, BNSF Railway, Delta Airlines, Westinghouse/ CBS, Coors, and Southwest Airlines and many others. There are hard-earned patterns learned from these experiences. This Masterclass was created to share some of these patterns as broadly as possible.

How do I know this is valuable and worth my time?

Our simple magic over the years has been a focus on helping “business” leaders understand and own “just enough” about technology transformation while helping “technology/IT” leaders understand how to better communicate, lead, and connect the dots outside the IT domain. Bridging this gap – and the many other natural blind spots that occur across groups of leaders – is foundational to successful transformation. We are hopeful you’ll find benefit of the lessons learned, across many companies and decades, enjoyed at your own pace.

Access, Pricing, & Payment

What is included in my Masterclass access?

For each seat purchased, you will have access to this video series for a full year from the time of activation. Watch whenever you like, as many times as you like, and from most devices.

What is the difference between an individual seat and a team plan?

Individual seats can be purchased online and each access code can be gifted to whomever you like. Team plans (for 10 or more seats) will be invoiced in bulk and also come with an admin portal that allows centralized distribution and tracking of access codes by seat.

How long do I have to complete the entire course?

From the time you purchase an access code, you have a year to activate your account and start watching. From the time you activate your account, you have a year to enjoy these videos as many times as you like.

How much does the Masterclass access cost?

The cost is $495 for each individual seat purchased. Contact us for Team Plan pricing.

What payment methods are accepted for my Masterclass access?

All major credit cards are accepted for online purchases of Individual seats. Team Plans will usually be invoiced through your company.


How do I update my Masterclass account information?

To update your Masterclass account information, navigate to the Account Settings tab when you are logged into the platform. Account Settings can be accessed via the hamburger menu in the upper right corner of the site.

I forgot my Feld account password / I need to change my password.

If you forgot your password, please click Forgot Password on the login page. You will receive email instructions for resetting your password. If you want to change your existing password while logged in, click the hamburger menu and go to Account Settings. You can change your current password and any other account info.

Is it possible to access course content offline?

This Masterclass is streaming-only access.

How do I delete my account?

If you decide to no longer enjoy this Masterclass, your account will expire automatically after 1 year. If for some reason, you would like your account proactively deleted, please contact us.


What internet browsers are most compatible to view the course?

We recommend Chrome or Safari for viewing the course, but any browser will be compatible.

Is it possible to access course content offline?

This Masterclass is streaming-only access.

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