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What Other Leaders Have to Say

"These videos explain complex topics in plain English and in business context, so fantastic!”
- Consumer Goods CISO
"This framework gives leaders the appropriate scaffolding to ensure they consider all aspects of a digital transformation.”
- Healthcare CIO
"What I really appreciated was the small snippets in consumable chunks that I could easily listen to again and again!”
- Tech Company CIO
"This series concisely presents a System of Models to help better understand the connections needed to better adapt business to change. It incorporates flexible, related concepts in a way that is easy to understand and communicate.”
- Consumer Products Enterprise Architect

Master Class:
Demystifying Digital Transformation

Eight videos. Easy to watch. At your own pace.

Demystifying Digital Transformation

In every industry, the future is coming fast and change is accelerating. Most leaders and companies have recognized the need for “Digital Transformation”. But what does that really mean? What has brought us to this place and where do we go from here? This video sets up the rest of the series.

The Transformation Framework

Impactful and sustainable digital transformation requires a core group of leaders from many different levels and perspectives. This group needs a common framework and a shared set of mental models that everyone can understand and align around. This video describes that framework and sets the foundation for the model deep dives (videos 3-7).

The Business Model

The Business Model addresses how leaders can translate good business strategy into prioritized, orchestrated, and executable pieces. This necessary connectivity and alignment positions a company with both business and technology agility for whatever comes next.

The Technology Model

The Technology Model addresses the importance of an architecture that’s built for change and why that’s critical to business agility. We’ll also explain technology architecture in a way that all leaders can understand and own.

The Organization Model

Digital transformation that underthinks the changes required from the company’s people, from leaders to the front-line, likely won’t result in much real change at all. The Organization Model addresses the all-important “who” of successful digital transformation.

The Economic Model

The way many companies continue to think about technology investment, return, and productivity is ironically what caused the very problems they now need to fix. The Economic Model addresses a few simple shifts that will break out of counter-productive funding patterns.

The Operating Model

The Operating Model addresses how a company effectively runs its “technology factory” – how technology is planned, built, and run. Spoiler alert: Good planning has the biggest impact on the speed and quality of digital transformation.

Pulling it All Together

Launching a lot of “digital” initiatives doesn’t necessarily bring about the fundamental change that a company expects or requires. Our experience has shown us the best way to start to turn the ship, and it might not be what you think.

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